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September 6th is the date where millions of Americans will be affected. According to Business Insider, that is when the unemployment benefits throughout the US end. Janet Yellen, Treasury secretary, states that the extra $300 will end there. No extension is going to be made even with the Delta strain rearing its head. Over 7.5 million Americans will lose those benefits once the deadline hits.

The federal government may not be helping with unemployment, but they encourage the states to try continuing unemployment benefits. According to CNet, two dozen states are pulling the plug on the help given during the pandemic. This tactic is a way to encourage citizens to attain jobs. All of that has only caused outcry, causing many citizens to ask for the help back.

According to Business Insider, states can use the funds given to them by the federal government to help out those who are unemployed. However, the federal government states that they cannot continue their help as there are too many issues to continue the aid after September 6th. It’s up to the states to figure something out if they want to help. Even so, the labor market has not been affected negatively with the early cutoff of money, according to CNet. Cutting off unemployment benefits is a small way back to normalcy but many of those who are jobless find it wrong to do this. There will always be issues but in the end, it is up to the states as to how they want to help during this time as a new strain of the virus impacts the world.

Unemployment benefits may be coming to an end, but there are still questions left for you. You may wonder how this may affect your life if you are unemployed. If you have any questions about unemployment or anything else related to your benefits, please contact Lakeesha Browne, CPA.

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